5 Super Things for a Caped Crusader to do in San Diego during Comic Con

Surf in San Diego during Comic Con

5 Things for a Caped Crusader to do in San Diego during Comic Con


“Heee Ya! Heee Ya!”

My friend, Jill is standing on the bow of the Star of India in San Diego. Her right foot is propped up on one of the starboard lines.

She’s trying to mimic Captain Morgan’s pose.

“Heee Ya!” she shouts.

She asks “Do I look like captain Jack Sparrow, a la hot babe version?”

“Kinda,” I say.

Dressed up for Comic Con she’s got on heavy eye makeup, some sort of hat, a snap on gold tooth and jeans rolled up to her knees. She does kinda look like a
pirate. There is a huge plastic sword to complete the look.

She’s only doing one thing wrong.

I’m snapping a few photos of her from about midships. Better angle. From here I’m able to get some sails of this 150+ year old “pirate ship” into the

“Heee Ya!” she yells one last time, thrusting the plastic sword toward the sky.

She stays that way, striking a pose.

She turns her head toward me while staying in character, makings sure I see her.

“Perfect,” I say. “Except one thing.”

She ends her impression and walks along the wooden deck to where I’m standing.

She makes her eyes wide, stares right at me and turning her palms upward. She’s asking ‘What?’ without saying it.

“Pirates don’t say ‘Hee Ya!” I inform her. “Captain Jack doesn’t say ‘Heee Ya’. Ninjas and other folk who know Karate say ‘Hee Ya’.”

Jills squints and makes a smirk with her face.

“Right, duh. Got it,” she says. “One more time?”

“Haha, sure sure,” I say. “We got time. Now go to the bow and I’ll snap a few more.”

She just stands there, looking at me. No expression.

I put a fake scowl on may face and lean toward her.

“The pointy end!” I exclaim.

Quick smile, an about-face and Jill is on her way back to the bow.

I don’t know if skipping was ever allowed on the Black Pearl or any ship back then…but Jill don’t seem to give a shit.

Our Bloody Marys we had this morning, Jill had three, are making pretend time quite amusing for a couple of 30 somethings.

Not that we need it. Comic Con is going on after all.

She strikes the same pose, plastic sword to the sky and takes a large breath.

This should be interesting.

“Yeeee Hawwww!!”

“Damn it!”, I shout. “That’s a Cowboy!” “Hee YA equals Ninja! Ye HAWW equals Cowboy!”

I wonder if she’ll get it by the time we need to leave and head to the Midway.

Maybe there are other San Diego attractions nearby the San Diego Convention Center that could support a tipsy and confused pop culture character.


Star of India – California Maritime Museum

– Captain Jack Sparrow

The oldest Active sailing ship in the world, the Star of India.

Even if you are not a pirate for Comic Con…this would be a good place to visit.


Tall Ship Star of India San Diego during Comic Con


She began her life in 1863 at the Isle of Man, has circumnavigated the globe 21 times, a even survived a Mutiny!


And she can still be seen sailing San Diego bay. Pretty cool.

No better place for any crew member of the Black Pearl to spend a few hours away from the concrete of the San Diego Convention Center.

Entrance to the California Maritime Museum gives you access to not just this famous square rigger, but
5 ships and submarines in total.

Tickets at only $16 and being within walking distance from downtown SD, you can’t NOT go.


– Captain America

Go here.

Doesn’t matter if you are visiting for Comic Con or not.

Go here.


USS Midway Museum San Diego during Comic Con


$20 ($18 online) and again within walking distance from the San Diego Convention Center (sense a theme here?) you can board not just a museum…but a ship
with history you can feel.

A stalwart piece of the US Navy, you can walk the decks of this aircraft carrier that has seen action from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf.

Tomcat on USS Midway in San DiegoIf that doesn’t make you full of Wow insides…you can just revel in fact that you are on a AIRCRAFT CARRIER.


Imaginary senses will be on overload for any Captain America or Wonder Woman exploring the battleship with a unprecedented 47 year history.

Wanna pose for a pic on the flight deck in front of a F-18?

Your Facebook feed will explode.


Whale Watching

– SuperMan

Like seeing wildlife actually IN nature. Peering at aquatic animals from behind a pane of glass feel funny?

Well then, skip SeaWorld.

It’s crowds and full of commercialism.

Instead, get yourself on a whale watching cruise and see these massive mammals in Their house.

Horn Blower
cruises offer Blue Whale watching adventures daily.

I said Blue Whale.

The largest animal on our planet.

Blue Whale in San DiegoYou can see them in San Diego.

Sound interesting?

Departure is from the Embarcadero (again…a easy walk from the Gaslamp) and San Diego convention center.

Sail at 0900 and be back by happy hour.

Not a bad way for a Caped Crusader to spend a morning. Just hope you don’t have a kryptonite sized headache.

You’ll have plenty of stories to tell Lois…or Thor when you return.

Bike and Ferry

– Batman

You are so close to your own Bat Mobile…or at least that new motorcycle thingy he rides.

Coronado Ferry in San DiegoDeco Bike is a ride share service in San Diego. With locations all over the place, you have easy access to your own cheap Super Hero transportation.

Earn those beers!

For a fun and flat mini tour of the area, pedal on down past SeaPort Village, hop on the Coronado Ferry with your bike (free) and take a tour of Coronado.

Bring a towel, or your cape, and chill on the beach by the Hotel Del Coronado for a few hours. You’ll get satisfaction from having come here under your locomotion.

Not bad for the only SuperHero without any super powers.

Any Board Rental

– Teen Wolf


It’s hard not to surf, or at least be reminded of it, when visiting San Diego.

America’s Finest city is known for it’s beaches and waves, of course. And with downtowns close proximity to the sand any Teen Wolf or Jedi can have the opportunity to catch a few.


Pirate in San Diego during Comic Con Star of India

Get yourself a Lyft or Uber and head to Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach or La Jolla.

All three are within 25 min of downtown and all have places to rent boards for less than $15/hour. Sometimes $5.

A quick google search will bring up about 10,586 places to rent boards as well as a number of schools to help catch your first wave.

Saltwater is no kryptonite for any SuperHero. Promise.




“That’s better!” I shout. “One more time. Louder though.”


She finally got it.

A few heads turn. An older couple who were looking at the main mast of the Star of India take out there camera. They snap a pic of Jill with what looked like, a old 2 megapixel camera from 2001. They finish, put the camera back in a large tan bag and slowly walk to the stern.

“Get some good pics?” she askes.

“Yep, sure did” I say. I motion with my head to the stern of this ship “Now lets go…I wanna hit the Midway before happy hour.”

“But you have already been there!” she says. “You wanna go again?”

“Heck yea I do. Its an Air…Craft..Carrier.”

“Well Ohh…Key…Dokie Tom Cruise.”

Nice. Top Gun reference. It was filmed here after all.

“Yes, I’m Maverick indeed. I even got aviator sunglasses to go with,” I say.

“Hope they allow Jack Sparrow on the Midway,” Jill adds. “They won’t make me walk the plank, will they?”

“As long as you quit acting like a 3 year old they won’t.”

I stop and immediately change my mind. It’s Comic Con.

I continue, “Actually…don’t stop acting like a 3 year old. Sorry. However, as long as I’m Tom Cruise…as long as I’m Maverick, I rather you not be a Jack Sparrow but a different kinda bird when we visit”

Blank stares from my friend again.

I give her a minute to see if she’ll pick it up.

It wasn’t’ a good reference on my part anyway, so I step in. “Goose! You can be Goose! I’m Maverick you’re Goose…Top Gun…they were both…ahh never mind.”

“Roger that, lets go,” she says, giving me a ‘thumps up’. “Just don’t get pissed when I screw up movie references. I still got some blood in my alcohol stream.”

I laugh, “Well, roger That!”

We walk down the gangway and off the Star of India. We see the same older couple getting into their tan car as we leave. Jill waves. They smile and wave back.

I wonder if they know that Comic Con is going on now? I wonder if they think only crazy people live in San Diego?

No, probably not.

Just as the older couple pulls their Buick out of the parking spot Jill starts running in the direction of the Midway. She holds her plastic sword out in front of her and yells, “To Infinity…and beyond!”


Pirate in San Diego during Comic Con Star of India


We know we missed a few. Have other favorites around San Diego for Comic Con? Let us hear ’em in the comments below.


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