How to register with

Trusted Traveler Program homepage website

How To Register With Login.Gov Website

Below are basic steps to register with the new website to begin your Trusted Traveler application on the new TTP website.

  • Go to this link: 
  • Enter your email address and click submit.
  • Check your email and confirm your email address.
  • Create a strong password and continue
  • Add a phone number and click send security code.
  • You will receive a code on your phone number
  • Enter your security code and submit
  • Your Personal Key will be shown. (Do not generate another key)

Steps are shown below.






The new TTP website is a needed upgrade to the older GOES site and should come as a plus to new applicants.  Though there are still many steps to complete any application, that should not deter anyone from applying for any Trusted Traveler Program such as Global Entry, SENTRI or NEXUS.