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Hard Sided Luggage




Hard sided luggage is growing in popularity because most passengers want luggage that can last the whole course. When making your decision on the best hard sided bag it’s good to consider certain futures like weight, price and the organizational features of the luggage.

Hard-sided luggage is generally made of three types of materials: ABS, polycarbonates and aluminum. Hard-sided luggage made from ABS material is lightweight and is typically affordable. The material is hard enough to resist scrapes and scratches. Hard-sided luggage made from ABS materials is recommended for infrequent travelers.

Hard-sided luggage made from polycarbonates has gained a lot of popularity since they were introduced in 2000 by RIMOWA. This luggage is lightweight and more durable than the ABS hard-sided luggage. However its color is not well absorbed over the shell and scratches can discolor the surface of the luggage. Pure polycarbonate hard-sided luggage is best for frequent travelers.

Of the three options, aluminum hard-sided luggage lasts the longest. And because of its incredible durability it is the most expensive and is preferred by athletes, business people and celebrities.

The following are some of the best hard-sided luggage made from these materials.

Delsey Helium Shadow 2.0


This is a hard-sided luggage made from pure polycarbonates and can be found in a variety of colors like royal blue, platinum, purple and black.

This piece of luggage is durable and is made up of upper and the main compartments. When you buy this luggage you don’t have to buy a lock as it comes with approved TSA locks integrated to make your belongings secure. The main compartment has a speed buckle, tie down straps and well zippered pockets. A zippered flap separates the lid compartment from the main compartment, and has a suit clip that holds clothes in place. For extra capacity the luggage can expand by 2’’ and features an additional compartment (15.6’’) for laptops.

Samson Fiero HS


This hard sided luggage is made from 100% polycarbonates, and is available in a variety of sizes and colors including pink, blue, royal blue, pink, light grey and charcoal grey.

The exterior of this luggage is textured with micro diamonds, making it resistant to scratches. It is light weight and the shell can expand a full 2’’, allowing more room for packaging. One of the key advantages of the Samson Fiero HS is that it has a combination lock system attached to its side. Its spinners can turn all directions and are made to allow the luggage to roll smoothly. Its interior is made with perfect lining and crisscrossing straps. The upper compartment is made with zippered mesh pockets.

Briggs and Riley Torq


This is a hard sided luggage made from 100% virgin makrolon polycarbonates. The bag is light weight and can easily be lifted by anyone. Its exterior is three-layered making it resilient and elastic enough to absorb impact, hence keeping your items very secure. The luggage comes with a wide collection best suited for any trip, whether it’s long, short or even international travel.

It’s available in different sizes: the regular carry measures 21’’ by 14’’ by 9’’ and weighs 8.9 lbs, the medium luggage measures 27’’ by 18.5’’ by 11.5’’ and weighs 11.7 lbs and the large size measures 30’’ by 20’’ by 12’’ and weighs 13 lbs. These dimensions are taken to include the handle and the wheels.

If you are looking for something that will not wrinkle your clothes then this hard sided luggage is best for you. It has an adjustable compartment in its interior that also minimizes shift while on the go. For formalwear there is a mess pocketd that’s zippered and has a suit hook system.

Because of its low weight and all the smart features that come with this hard sided luggage it is one of the most expensive on the market.

Olympia Luggage Titan 3 Piece Spinner Hardside Set


This is a lightweight hard-sided luggage that features many compartments for easy packaging. It’s durable and can survive many drops however one downside is this luggage is not resistant to scratches. This hard-sided luggage comes with an inbuilt TSA lock system and its double wheels can turn in all directions.

Victronix Spectra 2.0 Dual-access Global Carry-on Luggage



As the name suggests this hard-sided luggage has been built with a special quick access panel on the front. This helps solve the problem of having to unzip your main compartment when you want to get something packed from the inside. This quick access panel features many organizational panels; the outside of the bag is also separated from the main compartment by a removable pocket for packing your electronics. Because of its special features and design, this luggage comes at high price.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bound


This is a hard-sided luggage that is made from ABS-polycarbonates materials and is available in various colors. The luggage comes in different sizes: 20’’, 24’’ and 28’’; this has made the bag best for travel enthusiasts. For easier maneuverability the bag is designed with three handles: top & side carry handles and one retractable handle at the top. Its interior is divided into two compartments by a U-shaped zippered system. One compartment keeps things in place using its restraining strap, while the other is for packing small items.


Skyway Nimbus


This is one of the cheapest hard-sided luggages and it is best for infrequent travelers. Its shell is made from ABS materials and can resist impacts and has a stylish ridge with black trim. Its spinners can move easily in all directions and this bag can be expanded to increase its carrying capacity. Because of its wide color selection this luggage is more appealing to those looking to customize their luggage.

Ed Heck Moon Dog 21’’


This is a lightweight hard-sided spinner that’s made with water resistant zippers. Their prices are fair and the luggage protects your items well because its shell is hard enough to resist impact. For easy maneuvering the bag is made with double spinners that can turn in all directions.

Andiamo Pantera Collection 20’’–Spinner-Carbon/dp/B00NWS7VPE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473689305&sr=8-1&keywords=Andiamo+Pantera+Collection


This luggage features water resistant zippers and its wheeling system is made to roll smoothly on all surfaces. Its zipper system is water resistant and its shell is scratch resistant. This hard-sided luggage comes with an in built TSA approved lock system.


When purchasing hard-sided luggage it is always a wise idea to consider the material, the weight and the features of the luggage. Also consider the type of trip you are to make and the depth of your pockets. If you are a frequent traveler go for durable luggage, one that will resist scratches and impact.[:]


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